A New Year

9 week blocks of classes started Sept. 24th with 6th grade and 8th grade classes coming once a week and learn history, science, and English through using the garden as a form of project-based learning. A particular focus is the role of water, it’s impact on plants and systems of irrigation both current and historical.

Sept 29th StP was the beneficiary of the annual UCLA volunteer day.  We had 40 enthusiastic UCLA students and staff help us make a major dent in implementing our new weed maintenance system.  They emptied the beds of soil and weeds and lined the beds with weed cloth.  This is a big step forward in insuring we have a weed-free year!


The Growing Food Literacy project started up again in mid September with a group of fresh new recruits who meet during lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays. With a team of teachers (Jenny Burman and Lesly Gonzalez) and UCLA volunteers, students are developing projects to address who student food waste on campus by repurposing uneaten fruits and vegetables, composting, and providing input to the food service system to expand choices of food available.