OUR Projects


Growing food Literacy Project (GFL) 


The Growing Food Literacy Project (GFL) is a collaboration of UCLA faculty and students with the Seeds to Plate Program at Mark Twain Middle School. The project seeks to increase knowledge about the factors that impact food choices for both middle school and university students. UCLA students will teach middle school students about "food literacy," which is defined as understanding the impact of food choices on one's health, the environment and the economy).

Youth Entrepreneurship project (YEP)

The Seeds to Plate: Youth Entrepreneurship Project (YEP) is a new initiative that aims to implement three student- run farmers’ markets days at Mark Twain Middle School (MTMS) during the 2017-2018 school year to promote food literacy, increase exposure to different career options, and promote health and well-being of students. This project expands on current Seeds to Plate programming by giving students an entrepreneurial outlet to sell their produce to their peers, families, and local community members at a farmers’ market held on their school campus. This project also aims to build a more cohesive community among MTMS and other Venice schools.

Gjelina good Food Program

In June, 2016, Seeds to Plate, the Gjelina Volunteer Program, Mark Twain Middle School and the Venice Boys and Girls Club teamed up to 20 students with a hands-on workshop to create their own restaurant.  These student interns designed their menu, learned to cooked an appetizer, entree and dessert, divided themselves into front of house and back of house staff, and served their family a three course meal in Mark Twain's Secret Garden. See the video below for more details!