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The seeds to Plate Curriculum

We are extremely proud of the Seeds to Plate curriculum that we have developed over many years at Mark Twain Middle School in the Los Angeles Unified School District. It is an academically integrated curriculum for sixth to eighth graders, created using the California Common Core, California Next Generation Science, and California Health Education Content Standards. We have over 95 lessons in: History, English Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Health, Food Literacy, Environmental Sustainability, Art, and Multicultural topics.

Each lesson has been written and approved by credentialed middle school teachers. Some are specific for our climate but can serve as templates for similar lessons at your school. Some are appropriate for two or more subjects and are indicated as such in the Table of Contents.

Here, you will find our database of over 95 lesson plans and a Curriculum Toolkit to help you start your own school garden and implement these lessons. You can view a complete list of our lessons with brief overviews here.

We have had much success with our program, and this curriculum is truly a labor of love we want to share with you and your school communities. Please be inspired and, of course, we welcome all feedback!

In order to access our Full curriculum, please fill out our lesson request form.

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