our story


Seeds to Plate began in the Fall of 2009 with just three volunteers. These volunteers coordinated with administrators to revive the existing garden space at MTMS, and met with teachers to figure out how to bring together gardening work and classroom material. From what started out as a "salad garden" with two sixth grade classes has grown into a full, vibrant garden that welcomes hundreds of students every week! 


Students sample produce from the garden with food tastings in the cafeteria, serving  kale chips, green salads, sautéed swiss chard, and pasta with our homemade cheese. We have partnered with UCLA to bring guest lessons by pediatric residents, and have undergraduate Food Minors help teach our students as part of their service learning requirement.


Connecting to our local community, we bring local farmers to the classroom to teach about their businesses, and chefs to teach the chemistry of cheesemaking. We hosted summer programs with the restaurant Gjelina to teach entrepreneurship. As a co-founder of the Mar Vista/Venice Green Team, Seeds to Plate strives to make our academic curriculum-based program a model for other schools in the LAUSD.