Garden Classes

Finding Hope Through Anne Frank's Window

From her only window to the outside world, Anne Frank could see the sky, birds and a majestic chestnut tree. "As long as this exists," Anne wrote in her diary, "how can I be sad?"  In preparation for their trip to the Museum of Tolerance and visit to the Anne Frank exhibit, 6th and 7th grade history and language arts students reflected on Anne Frank and her quotes on how the view from her window changed.  They chose a spot in the garden, wrote about their feelings on what they saw in their "window" and will revisit their spot and feelings in late spring.

Digging for Biodiversity and Slow Food

8th grade students planted Makah Ozette potato seeds to be part of the Slow Food USA School Garden Project: A Potato with a Past.  Students will plant, document and photograph growth of the plants in the two beds and will harvest and cook the unique, nutty fingerling. The Ozette was a staple in the diet of the Pacific Coast Native Americans of the Makah Nation and brought directly by the Spanish from Peru to the Americas.

Love, in Bloom: A Poem

Students from Ms. Olinger's class gifted Seeds to Plate with a beautiful poem about the garden. Each student wrote at least one sentence, and the finished product is a wonderful piece of work. Thank you students!

I love watering the plants, like shooting my water gun at home, making the soil soft when the water hits the ground. I love watering the trees so they can grow and give fruit. I love to see the plants get fresh water and to watch them grow.

I love the feeling of the wet plants moving across my skin. I love to feel the soil in between my fingers.I love how the birds sing to me, their lovely melody, humming in our wonderful and healthy school garden.I love how the flowers bloom from their slumber to show their beauty.

I love how all of the teachers take good care of the plants over the weekend.I love going to the garden, it reminds me of working in Mexico’s fresh air. I dig holes and harvest corn.

I love mulching, the great workout, and the power of the shovel in my hands, scooping the mulch into the wheel barrel.Extreme power and anger relief, using a pitchfork to stab the mulch so it becomes loose.

I love the smell of the garden, rosemary, peppermint and fresh air.

I love the snacks in the garden, the fresh food that is made into something delicious. I love the sweet and sour taste of the food that we make. I love to grow the food that we eat. I feel like I am making a healthier future.