Gjelina Good Food Program

In June, 2016, Seeds to Plate, the Gjelina Volunteer Program, Mark Twain Middle School and the Venice Boys and Girls Club teamed up to 20 students with a hands-on workshop to create their own restaurant.  They designed their menu, learned to cooked an appetizer, entree and dessert, divided themselves into front of house and back of house staff, and served their family a three course meal in Mark Twain's Secret Garden!

Digging for Biodiversity and Slow Food

8th grade students planted Makah Ozette potato seeds to be part of the Slow Food USA School Garden Project: A Potato with a Past.  Students will plant, document and photograph growth of the plants in the two beds and will harvest and cook the unique, nutty fingerling. The Ozette was a staple in the diet of the Pacific Coast Native Americans of the Makah Nation and brought directly by the Spanish from Peru to the Americas.

Recognition Luncheon to Honor Students

Seeds to Plate asked the 20 teachers who partnered with us this year to choose a student who has shown marked improvement this year to be honored. The student was asked to choose a parent, or other relative, to come and be honored as well.

Amazing volunteer chef Karen Wong, who has worked with us previously,  worked with parents and students to prepare this delicious meal:  Panamanian Jerk Chicken, Cole Slaw, Cilantro and Coconut Rice, sauteed greens from the garden and Hibiscus/Ginger Water Beverage. Special thanks to Whole Foods for donating fresh produce for this meal!